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Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic from Space

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Links to Important Web Sites
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Green Southern Maryland

A excellent source for upcoming events, local resources, and opportunities in Southern Maryland.


Potomac Riverkeeper

Potomac Riverkeeper, Inc. (PRK) is a non-profit organization that protects and restores water quality in the Potomac River and its tributaries through community action and enforcement. Our goal is to spread awareness of the pollution threatening our rivers and streams, and to use all means available to make them cleaner.


Chesapeake Bay Foundation:   (Save the Bay)

A not-for-profit organization committed to reducing pollution, improving fisheries, and protecting and restoring natural resources along the Chesapeake Bay. It is the largest conservation organization dedicated to the bay.


St. Mary's River Project

This is the St. Mary's River Project website. This link contains useful data, charts, and information concerning the St. Mary's River. The information for the St. Mary's River Watershed Association is collected from this project.


Chesapeake Bay Field Lab

Education focused nonprofit specializes in field trips for school groups. Features the historis skipjack, Dee of St. Mary's. (Also the host of the annual RiverFest.)


Patuxent Riverkeeper

The Patuxent Riverkeeper provides a focused hub for a statewide, river-wide coalition of people and organizations devoted to citizen monitoring, ...


Sustainable Development Institute
http://susdev.org/ and http://www.dcenvironmentalfilmfest.org/home.php

Think tank devoted to writing engaging publications informing the public of sustainability issues and to promoting the annual DC Environmental Film Festival.


Maryland Department of Agriculture

The MDA activities include regulatory in nature, to assign a category of public service and some are educational or promotional in scope. All are intended to provide the maximum protection possible for the consumer as well as promote the economic well-being of farmers, food and fiber processors and businesses engaged in agricultural related operations.


Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering an understanding of the culture and history of the Chesapeake Bay. This museum is local to the St. Mary's River watershed.


Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay is a regional nonprofit organization that builds and fosters partnerships to protect and to restore the Bay and its rivers. This organization is similar to the Save the Bay Foundation but more of an advocate of the Chesapeake Bay.


Chesapeake Bay

This is a kid-friendly site that allows kids to explore various equestrian plants and animals. It also has information on bay monitoring.


Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic from Space

The principle purpose of this web site is to make remotely sensed data, and specifically impervious surface data of geographic contend, available to state and local government agencies.


US Fish & Wildlife Service- Chesapeake Bay field office

Chesapeake Bay Field Office biologists work to protect endangered and threatened species, migratory birds, freshwater and anadromous fish, and wildlife habitats in the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.   http://www.fws.gov/


Center for Environmental Science Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

The Chesapeake Biological Laboratory (CBL) is a marine research facility of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES). This laboratory is local to the St. Mary's River watershed.


Potomac River Associatioon

Founded in 1967, PRA continues to serve as advocate and watchdog for the land and waterways of Southern Maryland.


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