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April 8—9 AM to 11 AM

It's that time of year! St. Mary's River Watershed will host this year's river clean-up at Kitts Point in St. Inigoes State Forest. Paddlers are welcome, majority will walk. Click here for more information!

A River Affair
Sunday, June 4
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Buy your tickets for our seventh annual
A River Affair here!

Interpretive Sign for
Oyster Reef Project

      A hearty thanks to the Chesapeake Bay Trust for funding the design and manufacture of this exciting sign, which was installed last week at the college waterfront. And hats off to Dan Branigan and the college staff who endured northwest winds and temperatures in the twenties to get the sign installed promptly. It is only through the generous support of our partners and members that exciting work like this continues throughout the year.

      The signage project was organized and led by Allison Rugila, SMRWA Program Director. The design by Stephanie Sobchak Graphic Designs was based on Allison's content and utilizing several of the Association's photgraphs from actual projects and field trips at the reef.

      Read more.

40-Page Guide Published

Available Free

The forty-page guide, From My Backyard to Our Bay, A St. Mary's County Resident's Guide to Improving Our Environment and Drinking Water, is available free at area businesses, or you can download it from our web site. The Greenery in Hollywood, Chicken Scratch in Park Hall, and Good Earth Natural Foods in Leonardtown have free copies. Support your local businesses and get your free copy.    Download compressed version [3.8 MB]

A download link to a high resolution PDF formatted version
is available on our publications page.

303d Campaign to
Restore the St. Mary's River

The EPA has listed the St. Mary's River as an impaired tributary to the Chesapeake Bay. Simply stated, the river is polluted and it's getting worse, not better. Read More.

Join the new 303d Campaign and become a River Guardian or a River Steward.

River Friendly Program
Behavior Change Pledge Form

     We are entering our twelfth year protecting and restoring the St. Mary's River. Over this time, we have learned, in part, is that YOU, our members and supporters, are passionate about our river and its health. We know that the St. Mary's is special and that the residents here and wide are dedicated to actions and lifestyles that are river friendly. Please help us document your commitment to a healthy St. Mary's River.

     Please take five minutes out of your day to fill out a pledge form. Complete the form with a check mark by actions you plan to take and inital any tasks already accomplished. Your signed form can be scanned in and emailed to meghan.m.webster@gmail.com or snail-mailed to the return address at the bottom of the pledge form.

Fourteen Rain Gardens Installed

      There are numerous ways to positively impact our beloved river from collecting trash to arresting rainwater runoff before it reaches the river. A rain garden is the perfect opportunity to make a difference. This natural water filtration system is not only aesthetically appealing, but also a big help in reducing runoff by catching storm water from your roof and/or driveway and filtering it through plant use and organic materials. And best of all—we have grant funding to assit you in designing and building your dream rain garden!

      We have installed fourteen rain gardens in the past few year and, collectively, they are reducing pollution to the St. Mary's River: Nitrogen reduction 24 pounds annually, Phosphorus reduction 1 1/3 pounds annually and sediments reduction by 240 pounds annually. For more info please contact us at Email: meghan.m.webster@gmail.com

Watershed Implementation Plan:
A Characterization of
the St. Mary's River Watershed

      Want to know more about current status of the Watershed? The first draft of the Characterization document (part of the St. Mary's River Watershed Restoration Action Strategy) is now available online! This document presents a snapshot of the watershed in terms of its environmental issues, natural resources, and human development, needs, and impacts.

Oysters Filtering Water

An adult oyster can filter 55 gallons of water each day. Once oysters filtered the entire Chesapeake Bay every few days.

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