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Dogwood tree planted in
memory of Lindsey Rudolph

March 28 - In memory of member and volunteer, Lindsey Paul Rudolph, the St. Mary’s River Watershed Association planted one white dogwood tree at the front of the reforestation site.

Dogwood tree planted in memory of Lindsay Paul Rudolph

SMRWA Launches the
Lindsey Paul Rudolph Internship

October 3, 2009—The Association has restricted funds received in memory of Lindsey Paul Rudolph for a St. Mary's College student intern. This part time position will focus on education outreach and building sustainable family environments. Monies will be invested in an endowment fund and income from these investments will fund the internship. We anticipate awarding the first internship in the 2010-2011 school year.

Lindsey Paul RudolphIn memory of Lindsey, each March we will have an annual fund drive in support of this endowment. The Paul and Rudolph families are humbled by the enormous support for this fund and they hope to be able to expand it to several student internships each school year.

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SMRWA Launches the
Lindsey Paul Rudolph Memorial Fund

April 21, 2009—The Association took the first steps to create a memorial fund in honor of member and volunteer Lindsey Rudolph.

The Paul and Rudolph families requested that donations be given to the Association (and the St. Mary's County Memorial Library) in Lindsey's honor. The support has been enormous, and we thank everyone for their kindness and support. The Memorial Fund Committee will recommend to the Board in June that the funds be used to support a student intern or scholarship fund.

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Dear SMRWA Friends,

I'm afraid that I have some very tragic news to report.

Monday morning (March 23) Bob Paul's daughter Lindsey, who as you know is also Todd Rudolph's wife, was killed in a traffic accident while on her way to work. Bob Lewis and I had the good fortune to spend the weekend with Todd and Lindsey recently at a watershed conference in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, and their love and devotion to each other was evident to everyone who came in contact with them. Sadly, Lindsey and Todd were also expecting their first child.

I went to see Bob, Susan, Todd, and Carrie, Bob and Susan's other daughter on Tuesday afternoon, and they are understandably in a state of shock, but their families came from all over the country to buttress them. Many, many friends here in St. Mary's County (all of you included) are also standing by to help however we can.

A Memorial Life Celebration was be held for Bob and Susan Paul’s daughter, Lindsey at the J.T. Daugherty Conference Center in Lexington Park on Thursday, March 26.

Lindsey’s obituary-

I know that you'll keep the Pauls and Todd in your thoughts and prayers. In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that donations be made to the St. Mary's River Watershed Association or to the Friends of St. Mary’s County Library, Inc.


Joe Anderson, President



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